Hand-Twisted Transit Diagrams


  • How to make a geographically accurate transit map

    While there’s no shortage of guides for creating simplified, diagrammatic transit maps, finding resources and tutorials on how to make geographically accurate transit maps – like those used by many bus agencies – is a completely different story. Hopefully, this post will serve to change that. Before we dive into the specifics, a quick disclaimer: […]



Medium-Size City Fantasy Maps

A work-in-progress series of maps and route descriptions designed to boost the idea of building major transit projects in medium-size cities, rather than purely major US cities. Hopefully it’ll start some conversations somewhere!

Northeast Corridor Transit Map

A huge map of every single commuter rail line along the Northeast Corridor! Everything from the Montauk Branch to the Princeton Dinky is on there.

MBTA Map Redesigns

A recurring trend on the site; every few months I make a new version of the T map, improving aspects of the design as my transit map design skills develop.

Other Projects

Some miscellaneous transit map redesigns and fantasy maps for existing systems.