MBTA Map Redesign


My major pet peeve with the T map, and the reason I’ve made a few redesigns of it over the past ~year is the way that it displays the green line. The current T map shows the 4 green line branches as parallel legs that are equidistant from each other. It looks nice and fills up space, but it misses major opportunities for people to cut down significantly on journey time. For example, if you were standing at Newton Centre and you were headed to Washington Square, on the current T map, you’d think your best bet would be to head to Kenmore and turn around – changing at Reservoir would save you like 20 minutes.

Buses are shown as individual lines to make them easier to follow over the entire route, and there were a few changes to make it slightly more accurate than the current map (the 39 serves Copley THEN Back Bay rather than splitting & the 66 runs next to the 39 for a few blocks.)

One other major difference on this map is the de-emphasization (I’m still not sure if I spelled that right) of the Silver Line, showing it as a bus+ rather than a metro-, so that people know what to expect.

This was designed over the last month-or-so in Affinity designer.

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