Medium City Metros

  • Rochester Fantasy Map

    Rochester Fantasy Map

    Rochester, NY – a city of 210,000, has a long and complicated history with public transit. What was once home to a thriving streetcar and subway system, but ripped them up in favor of the automobile. Operating from 1927 to 1956, the Rochester Industrial and Rapid Transit Railway (the Rochester Subway) ran diagonal across Rochester […]


  • Syracuse Fantasy Map

    Syracuse Fantasy Map

    Syracuse Fantasy Map As requested by @bazeblackwood on Twitter, here’s my take on a Syracuse Subway Network. Syracuse, a city of 150,000, currently lacks any form of rapid transit. Luckily, Syracuse will receive a BRT system, which will run a line from Onondaga Community College up to Eastwood, and a line from Syracuse University to […]


  • Albany Fantasy Map

    Albany Fantasy Map

    Albany, a city of more than 100,000 people and the capitol of New York lacks any rapid transit or commuter rail at all. Even Amtrak doesn’t serve Albany, instead stopping across the Hudson River in Rensslaer. Like the previous networks, this would be a light metro system, similar in some ways to the REM network […]


  • Hartford Fantasy Map

    Hartford Fantasy Map

    Hartford, my favorite city in the world! Home to uhh….. the Connecticut state capitol? Anyways, this is the last New England city left in the Medium-City Metros series. Before I start, I want to note that part of the network design took inspiration from Travel Dombia’s Hartford Light Rail Proposals – despite the similarities between […]


  • New Haven Subway Network

    New Haven Subway Network

    My New Haven network follows a similar design philosophy to the last 4: light metro system using mostly existing right of ways with some tunnelling in downtown. Putting that aside, however, this is my favorite network I’ve designed for this series so far! Line N1 runs roughly northeast from Milford, CT up to Quinnipiac University, […]


  • Springfield Fantasy Map

    Springfield Fantasy Map

    I get the sense that I should add a TLDR to the top of the page about the mode. Light Metro just doesn’t have the same ring that subway has! Anyways… Of the 3 networks created so far, this ones by far my favorite. Not only does it have a really cool network shape / […]


  • Worcester Fantasy Map

    Worcester Fantasy Map

    This network, similar to Providence, is a light-metro system. Unlike Providence, however, Worcester has a bunch of rail right of ways that run down key corridors in the city. Of the light metro lines (W1&2), only the section of W1 west of Union Station uses a new right of way, of which only about half […]


  • Providence Fantasy Map

    Providence Fantasy Map

    Subway is certaintly a bit misleading for this network. It certaintly has some elements of subway networks, like downtown tunneling, high level platforms and grade separations for most of the lines (plus naming consistency), but I suppose it would be more akin to the LA Metro A or E lines than a full heavy rail […]