Redesigning the WMATA Map

The Why:

Designing a new map.

The Metro is a unique system, having operating closer to an S-Bahn style system outside of downtown, with subway-equivalent service in downtown. That made it alot easier to scale up the size of downtown and squish the subway lines in the suburbs so the entire map is easy to read.

Similar to my MBTA map redesigns, I wanted to provide more information than the current WMATA map provides.  This included a few, select, walking connections in DC, and I wanted the DC Streetcar, MARC, and VRE represented on this map as well.

The New Map

Here it is: The redesigned-redesigned WMATA map!  It follows a similar design style to the Vignelli map designs, and is much easier to read than the current map.

Closing Remarks

If you want me to design a map for a personal project or organization, email me with the email on my contact page!

I hope to have a research-based post up soon-ish.  Hopefully its a good read!

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